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1 Cup Caramel

1 cup, glass pyrex-2

 Hey! Can you feel that? That’s FALL in the air! What’s your favorite fall recipe? One of my favorite fall foods is caramel apples.

I’ve found that it’s easier to make a batch of this caramel and then scoop out some in a bowl to serve like dip with cut up apple wedges. The caramel always seems to fall off when I try to coat the apples with it. This recipe is also great for caramel popcorn; just pour it over a couple of huge bowls of popped corn while it’s still hot. (careful not get it on you, it will stick to your skin and burn you bad.) The BEST thing about this recipe is, you make it in the microwave. My sibs probably think it’s cheating. (Ask me if I care.) This is so quick and easy, I really hope you’ll try it. When you read the ingredients, you’ll understand the name of the recipe.


1 Cup (2 cubes) butter (not margarine), melted

1 Cup white sugar

1 Cup brown sugar

1 Cup white corn syrup

1 can sweetened condensed milk (like Eagle Brand, not like Sego)


Blend all the ingredients well in a microwave safe bowl that is at least 2 quarts capacity, the candy will boil up big as it cooks (I mean WAY big, and you don’t want sticky a mess all over your microwave.) Microwave 14 minutes without stopping or stirring. (14 minutes works for me, but since microwave oven wattage varies, you may need to adjust the time, depending on your oven.) Resist the temptation to stir in any butter that still may be on top when it’s done; that will just make it go grainy.


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